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Research sponsored by Coilcolor in 2001 revealed that users of pre-painted steel were typically carrying 10% aged redundant stock in their warehouses, bought as part of packages from stock holders but not used due to the colour. As it devalued with each accounting period that passed, it was usually sold off for as little as 25% of its original value.

To counter the effect of such a valuable resource being wasted, in 2001 we started working on a system to enable us to over-coat these devalued coils to a standard we could guarantee as good as new. Finally in 2008 a system was perfected by Coilcolor in in conjunction with BASF and is unique in the industry. The system can be used to:

  • Add value to aged depreciated stock.
  • Rectify surface errors on pre-painted coil.
  • Turn unusable colours into popular shades.

Any type of finish, from any supplier can be over-coated and the new coating is guaranteed to perform as well as the original.